Lyme Disease Resources

Many people have been asking Joanna a lot of questions about Lyme disease. Thanks for your interest! We have added links to this site that are some great and up to date places to find more information. Someone you know and love may get Lyme disease, or have it and do not know, please get informed and know the facts. And if you are bitten by a tick and suspect you have been infected, go see a Lyme-literate physician, get treated early and adequately. Don’t wait, and let a treatable disease turn into a chronic one.

A lot of your Questions about Lyme disease can be answered in the in-depth, award-winning documentary called “Under Our Skin.” Please check it out; it will help all of you understand what so many people are dealing with. You can watch it for free via this link: Veoh or if you would like a personal copy of the DVD it can be ordered via this site: UnderOurSkin some of the proceeds of which go to helping raise awareness of Lyme Disease.

In 2014, David Suzuki featured “Ticked Off the Mystery of Lyme Disease” on The Nature of Things. This episode reviewed the situation with Ticks and Lyme Disease in Canada, and can be watched  here,

Dr. Richard Horowitz is one of the world’s foremost experts on Lyme Disease. This video of Dr. Horowitz is a very helpful and thorough explanation about Lyme:

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